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2000: IRPF approached by professional at conference to assess real estate structure

2001: USAID/Arm awarded a 3 year cooperative agreement to IRPF. The program has three objectives: - Establish one, or at most two self-sustaining, market-oriented professional associations: Brokerage, Property Management and Appraisal; - Develop an ethical and trained real estate profession committed to the protection of the public; - Assist in the creation of free, efficient, honest and equitable real estate markets anchored to private property rights.

2002: The National Association of Real Estate Agents in Armenia (NARA) and IRPF established a formal working relationship. IRPF helped the new organization develop a business plan, adopt a charter, code of ethics and by-laws. IRPF sent four groups of consultants over to their nation’s capital, Yerevan, to facilitate workshops. Subjects taught included: basic real estate practitioner skills; basic appraiser course; and how to advocate and lobby at the local and national government level. IRPF also hosted a “train the trainer” course.

2003: Code of Ethics and Enforcement Seminar Basic MLS Seminar Land Valuation Course (taught by Polish Federation of Valuers) Advocacy Roundtable sessions and NARA Annual Meeting.

IRPF does not currently have programming here.


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