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1993: IRPF Initial assessment 1993: IRPF partners with broker and appraisal orgs

1994 –2000: IRPF offered seminars in the following topics: · appraisal standards · highest/best use for appraisers · brokerage office management · analyzing income- producing properties · fundamentals in real prop. management · effective real estate agents · licensing · legislative affairs · basics in brokerage · building profitable business · appraisal case study · appraisal for residential property

1996: NAR signed a bilateral agreement with NRPA

2001: NRPA successfully hosted CEREAN Conference 2002: Exit interviews with broker and appraisal orgs’ staff. Bulgaria in financial strife, IRPF no funding to assist.

2003: NRPA requested continued assistance, help with chapters, and to become financially stable again. Work with Development Credit Authority (DCA) to accelerate the role of brokers as mortgage originators; NRPA to take the lead.


IRPF does not currently have programming here.


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