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1995: Established with help of IRPF, held eight regional conferences, AE training sessions, CIPS courses offered

2002: IRPF awarded 3 yr USAID cooperative agreement for $250K to assist in the continued evolution of CEREAN as a regional support institution. IRPF and NAR helped sponsor the Annual CEREAN Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. The foundation held a two-day workshop for association executives, introducing the Management Guide for Real Estate Associations, translated in Russian and Polish.

2003: New Chief Executive Officer for CEREAN hired. IRPF and NAR co-sponsor the Annual Conference in Krakow, Poland, October 2003.

2004: Annual conference in Poland on Database and Risk Management in the Real-Estate Finance Market

2005: Annual conference in Kiev, Ukraine on legislative regulations and realtor technologies

2006: Annual conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, CEREAN Business plan set in motion

2007: Annual conference in Bucharest, Romania, New Executive Vice President for CEREAN hired with assistance of IRPF CEO and President

2008: Annual conference in Istanbul, Turkey

2009: Annual conference in Thessaloniki, Greece

2010: Annual conference in Lviv, Ukraine, 2 sessions of CEREAN International Real Estate Courses held

2011: Train-the-Trainer session held, Strategic planning session facilitated by IRPF

2012: Annual conference held in Crete, Greece

2013: MLS Project, ethics and listing courses held in Hungary and Romania

2013: Annual conference held in Budapest, Hungary

2014: Completion of the MLS Project, ethics and listing courses in Romania and Hungary

2015: Training in code of ethics, listing and representation in Moldova and Serbia

2015: President of CEREAN and trainer participated in "Building Trust and Recognition of U.S. Real Estate Standards" founded by the Reaume Foundation

2015: IRPF consultants led a training on the beneficial tools in real estate development; the program was titled: "Transparency of the Real Estate Market in Moldova"

2015: IRPF consultants led a training program on the Code of Ethics, Agency and Representation in Albania

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